Looking for a Joondalup Accountant?

So you’re a business based in the Joondalup area & are doing your research, looking for a reputable local accountant.

Why choose an accountant in Joondalup like Integrity Impressions?  We’re just like you – one of 3.5 million small businesses across Australia, helping to build local communities such as Joondalup.

Together, we keep millions of Australians employed and are playing a vital role in our economic recovery.  We are the very fabric that binds Joondalup and other local communities.

That’s the broader picture, but why choose local?

Choosing an accountant can be a bewildering experience & there are many factors to weigh up, including knowledge and experience but location is also a key consideration.

Larger firms with branches nationwide, or indeed overseas often neglect the importance of building ongoing relationships and face-to-face contact with their clients.

As small Joondalup based accountants, Integrity Impressions can offer this, together with personalised service all of which build trust to help your business grow.

Key Advantages of Choosing a Joondalup Accountant

As your local small business experts, we can provide many things larger corporates struggle with.

Personalised, one-on-one service

We pride ourselves on our personalised approach – each client is important to us, no one is simply a number in a database.

Our aim is to get to know your business inside out, and truly understand your individual goals. Our expert advice & service is based on & tailored to your needs.

The team at Integrity Impressions is small, so you know who you’ll be dealing with, instead of being passed around from person to person.

Although email has become a critical survival tool in this Covid environment, we like talking to people too.  This way we can get to know you, enjoy a coffee, have a chat & build long term relationships.

Build trust

You entrust your accountant with your most sensitive financial & personal information, so a relationship built on trust is essential.

As Joondalup accountants, we constantly strive to build & maintain a strong reputation within the local business community.

Hands together in trustIn an effort to save costs, many larger firms now choose to out-source or offshore a lot of their compliance work.  Not at Integrity Impressions. All our work is performed right here in Joondalup, so your data security & personal information is not at risk of falling into the wrong hands. 

Just as importantly, as we perform the work ourselves, we constantly grow our knowledge & understanding of your business & it’s needs, rather than merely giving the reports a perfunctory glance over at the end of each financial year.

Local Knowledge

Not only are we based in Joondalup, but our team also has both lived & worked in Joondalup for the last 20 years.

That amounts to a lot of valuable local knowledge!

External view of Joondalup LibraryIn this time we have worked with countless businesses within the local community who made the decision to engage a Joondalup accountant.

Our local knowledge enables us to understand the needs of local businesses & apply that knowledge to the requirements of our clients.

No Compromise on Quality

Will selecting a Joondalup Accountant mean you are compromising on quality & expertise? Absolutely not.  We have more than 40 years’ experience in the accounting profession so you can be assured our services are of the highest quality.

We are fully licensed & accredited. In order to maintain those licenses & accreditations we annually undertake mandatory, approved professional development courses designed to maintain & constantly improve our skills – our curiosity is constantly ignited.

For more information on our story see:


Cost Effectiveness

Regardless of whether your business has been operating for a period of time, or you are just setting out on your small business journey you already understand the need to keep your operating costs at a sustainable level.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that cheapest is best – far from it.  It is a balancing act, making sure the costs you incur represent real value to your business and its growth.

Engaging a small local Joondalup Accountant like Integrity Impressions can certainly help with this. Why? 

Remember, we’re a small business too.  We have the same struggles in keeping our operating costs at a reasonable level.  By keeping things small & tight, we don’t have the huge overheads many larger firms have – no expensive buildings or offices to fit out & maintain, no costly computer networks etc.

Bundled Australian Fifty Dollar NotesWe have various bookkeeping, accounting & taxation packages available.  We also provide Corporate Secretarial Management Services too, so can help you setup a company or establish a trust.



If none of our packages really suit your needs, don’t worry – we will work with you to develop one just for your business as we don’t believe you should pay for ‘add-on’ services you don’t want.

We’re your Local Joondalup Accountants & Tax Specialists

No matter what your needs, we can provide expert, cost effective specialist services tailored to your needs. Remember our 40 years’ experience, and long-term local knowledge you can expect the highest standard of accountancy support. 

With the developments in technology & the advent of Cloud based accounting solutions, we are of course not limited to providing our services to Joondalup businesses & can easily work with businesses in surrounding areas or those further afield.


However, we are very proud to be part of the thriving Joondalup community & welcome the opportunity to work with you to help you realise your business & financial goals.

You can find us on the Joondalup Business Directory:


For those of you newer to the area or for those wanting to refresh their knowledge or take a walk down memory lane, here are some links showcasing Joondalup’s development as a satellite city over the last 30 years.



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